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Hello! I'm Loren. I look forward to welcoming you to my Vinyasa style classes.


I hope that you will come to love yoga as much as I do. I qualified as a yoga teacher in 2019 and haven't stopped teaching since. I love sharing it, I love witnessing how people learn, progress and grow.


Once you start this beautiful journey of awareness and self care, you'll wonder how you ever survived without it!

Namaste. x

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I have been going to Yoga with Loren for 18 months and now wouldn’t want to go to anyone else. Loren’s class is welcoming and professional; the ambient music creates a space that is a world away from the demands and stresses of everyday life. 


Loren takes the time create a grounded and calming space for yoga. She feels very present in her teaching and takes the time to make sure you are doing it correctly. As a beginner her instruction on breathing and remembering to breath is helpful- to me her passion is clear and I am really enjoying her classes. 


How do you relax every part of your body and stretch every fibre of every muscle in 60 minutes of calm. Fabulous classes.



I love your classes! I go home feeling so much more in control. As I have progressed with you I have felt a cumulative benefit in every way. Thank you and best wishes.



I feel refreshed and calm after the class. I really enjoy the Tuesday mornings. 


It’s wonderful to share the class with men and women of all ages and of all abilities. The vinyasa flow stretches us every time to push ourselves a little bit further while accepting our limitations meaning that even at almost 70 years old I have become stronger, more flexible and more comfortable with my body. It’s a very important part of my week.


The class is lovely, the right mix of encouraging, gently challenging

and supporting everyone to find their own level.
You do a great job, with grace and gentleness.



My Classes

At Cotswolds Yoga, I celebrate the Vinyasa style of yoga. 


Set to music, where fluid movement is linked with the breath, combining strength work with flexibility training and a focus on alignment. Expect a fun mix of flows, relaxing stretches and meditation. Suitable for all levels. Classes are priced at £10 per session if booked in advance or £13 per session on the day. 

Click 'Contact Me' for further information and to secure your place. 

If group classes aren't your thing, use the form below and I'd be happy to discuss private sessions with you, which can take place at your home or workplace.

I am also available if you're looking for a yoga teacher for your corporate or wellness retreats in the Cotswolds area. 

Yoga Mat and Straps


+44 7570 023868

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